[VIDEO] Dennis Prager: The Left has contempt for blacks. (Cue Al Sharpton)

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Dennis Prager ~ Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is a demagogue, racist, anti-Semite, serial liar, rabble-rouser, tax-cheat, cable-news host, and shakedown artist. He also has the blessing of the President of the United States as the Administration’s designated go-to guy on racial issues.

That makes Sharpton a very dangerous man. [Read more…]

#YouCantMakeThisStuffUp: Leftists exposed

It’s everywhere. Leftists from the fanatical fringe are no longer lurking in the bowels of society. They exhibit their tyrannical goals with brazen regularity in media and entertainment. They have academia in a choke-hold with classes on “white privilege” and “re-thinking capitalism” and proudly employ the likes of domestic terrorists Kathy Boudin, Bill Ayers and his equally reprehensible wife, Bernardine Dohrn. They foment racial, ethnic, religious and class hatred under the guise of “social justice.” [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Bill Whittle: The truth in Ferguson the left doesn’t want you to know

Bill Whittle ~ Obama's Progressivism

If you haven’t discovered Bill Whittle, this segment will have you hooked. A blogger and director, his fact-filled, thought-provoking videos summarily rip apart the dishonest narrative of the left.

His current discussion, “Ferguson and the real race war,” takes on the progressive lies regarding the situation in Ferguson: That young black men are being hunted down by racist white cops. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Laura Ingraham slams Obama-Holder racial politics

Laura Ingraham: Obama-Holder Race-baiting

The Obama administration is at it again: Creating a moral equivalency between thugs who toss Molotov cocktails, shoot, vandalize and loot and with the police protecting the peace in Ferguson, Missouri.

Adding fuel to the out-of-control firestorm following the shooting death in the St. Louis suburb of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, Attorney General Eric Holder is going down to the city. As if the DOJ’s 40 FBI AGENTS (yes, you read that correctly) already on site aren’t sufficient?!

And we’re supposed to think that the DOJ and White House are unbiased? [Read more…]

RightSounds: Dennis Prager questions left’s compassion for ISIS victims

RightSounds LOGOTalking memes?!  Hear the voices behind the quotes.

Right thinkers. Right here. Right now.

A level of savagery not seen since the days of the Nazis and Khmer Rouge, the self-named “Islamic State” (aka ISIS), rapes and kidnaps women, beheads children, crucifies Christians, buries people alive and marches through villages with the heads of murdered victims on pikes.

While the U.S. is air-dropping food provisions to starving refugees and providing small arms to the Kurds, Western leaders are washing their hands of the entire bloody affair. It’s not our fight, they say. It’s not our fight, echo like-minded American liberals — the very same people who gasp in phony horror at Israeli self-defense against Hamas. [Read more…]

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