[VIDEO] Dennis Prager: The Left has contempt for blacks. (Cue Al Sharpton)

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Dennis Prager ~ Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is a demagogue, racist, anti-Semite, serial liar, rabble-rouser, tax-cheat, cable-news host, and shakedown artist. He also has the blessing of the President of the United States as the Administration’s designated go-to guy on racial issues.

That makes Sharpton a very dangerous man. [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Monica Crowley and Michelle Malkin crush Left’s demagoguery of Chris Lane murder

Michelle Malkin ~ Oklahoma Murder
Australian college student Chris Lane was jogging through his girlfriend’s neighborhood in Duncan, Oklahoma last week when he was murdered—shot in the back at point blank range—by three self-described “bored” teenagers who literally hunted him down “for the fun of it.”

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[VIDEO] Deneen Borelli: Paula Deen the target of race-card politics

Deneen Borelli: Race-card politics

First, the Food Network boots Paula Deen; then Smithfield Foods—you know, those pork purveyors now owned by the ever-sensitive Chinese. Word is, QVC is next up to kick the queen of southern cooking to the side of the road.

Her unforgivable sin? Admitting to using racial epithets in her distant past.
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