Images of 90-year-old World War II heroes barricaded from accessing THEIR memorial made Americans angry. Hearing that the families of our fallen soldiers and Marines were denied the funds to bury their sons and daughters made Americans angry.

No one, however, is angrier than those who served in our military. In response to the spiteful disrespect from the White House, veterans hastily planned an October 13th protest in Washington, D.C. with little promotion and virtually no press.

Therefore, few are surprised that the sparse media coverage of Sunday’s Million Vet March was predictably dismissive and dishonest: “Hundreds” of crazy, tea-party types waving Confederate flags show their bitterness and hatred for our black President.

Oh how wrong they are. True, far fewer than a million attended—on the ground estimates the number was between eight to 12,000. True, there is a photo of one Confederate-flag carrying moron. Was he just some jerk still fighting the Civil War, or was he a Leftist plant designed to push the narrative that only racists are dissatisfied with our Demagogue-in-Chief?

We likely will never know, but this is for certain: This man was not representative of the thousands of veterans, their families, and everyday folks who took to the streets, tore down barricades and dumped them outside the gates of the White House. Of course, you won’t hear that these thousands practiced the most American tradition of civil disobedience or that protests supporting their efforts cropped up in cities across the country.

No matter. Of the folks I heard from who were there, the camaraderie made it one amazing day.

Indeed it was. Yesterday, our vets led the way tearing through barriers to protect our freedom. Then again, they do have experience in these matters…